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Monday, 28 March 2011

Brooklyn Seafood, Steak and Oyster House Restaurant on 2nd

Medium smart, slightly higher than average priced well known restaurant in downtown Seattle.

Atmosphere - old boys club, expense accounts, dark but not too seedy, old fashioned.
Service - patronizing, smelly breath (maybe we were unlucky but it was very off-putting), got our order wrong.
Food - great quality; overpriced oysters.
Price - mainly OK but not cheap - $130 without tip for two of us and we didn't drink that much.
Company - the wife, delightful as always
Single diners - catered for, thanks to some ludicrously high backed chairs towards the back of the restaurant that are actually quite cool.

An oldie but a goodie.
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Thai Ginger in Pacific Place

This is one of my weekly take out spots, always busy but the food always arrives swiftly. Just time to sneak in a drink at the bar before the bag arrives.

Location - top floor of Pacific Place shopping center
Atmosphere - buzzy, always seems to be busy no matter what time I go.
Food - pretty good.  My favorites are the Chicken Pad Thai and the Crab Rice Special.
Portion Size - two main courses does a full meal for two plus left overs for a reheat the following day
Service - always friendly
Price - around $12 to $15 for a main course
Bar Area - you can sit at the bar and just drink or eat and drink - a good option for travelling salesmen.

I like it, not a lot, but I like it.
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Four Seasons Bar, Downtown Seattle

Who'd have thought it? A great value meal at the Four Seasons? Absolutely!  Just wander into the bar, take a seat, enjoy delicious happy hour cocktails and some great small plates and small prices.

Location - downnnnnnntownnnnnn
Atmosphere - high class hooker coolness meet classy meet this is Seattle so it's all above board, honest guv (it really is very nice).
Price - happy hour is excellent value but even the small plates and drinks outside of happy hour are usual downtown Seattle prices.
Dress code - smarter than your average bear but you can still wander in with a pair of jeans and not feel out of place. Well it is Seattle after all.
Service - excellent, smooth, cool as a cucumber

This really is a lovely place to spend a couple of hours.

Chinook's is Great for Brunch

An excellent choice for brunch, with or without kids.  I've not been at other times.

Location - right on the marina, just below Ballard bridge
Atmosphere - bright and bustly - plenty of room
Service - sometimes slow but they bring warm scones to keep you going, which keeps the adults and kids happy
Food - all the usual brunch items, with some interesting seafood fry ups.  Generally good portion sizes and good quality
Company - went with the family; it's a family fave
Need to book - no you don't (at least for brunch)

It's a goodie.
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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elephant and Castle Pub Review

Fitting to review an 'English' pub for my first posting although I didn't sample the food.
Atmosphere - nice and English boozer-y, not threatening, buzzy.
Decor - tacky as hell but I liked it.
Beer - good selection of local and imported beers. London Pride and Bass was off which was disappointing but the Old Speckled Hen was pretty good and not too speckled.
Food - didn't try any but from what I saw coming out of the kitchen, looked standard pub grub fayre and quality.
Company - ex-colleagues/friends. They enjoyed themselves.

Worth a visit? Yes if you fancy a pub experience, no if you fancy a restaurant experience.

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