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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Barolo Restaurant is a Buzzy Place to Be

Buzz Buzz Buzz, energy alert, trendy alert (well, for Seattle at least), Barolo is a buzzy place to be.

Location: 7th and Westlake, just opposite The Westin Hotel, which is handy if you're staying there.  If you're not and you are downtown, it's still handy.
Atmosphere: Busy, buzzy, beautiful, bubbly.
Greeting: The kind of place where they are all smiles but forget your face two minutes later.
Bar area: Yes, to the left please. Bar seating and small tables. It gets packed at happy hour, which is from 3pm-6.30pm and half off (yes, 50% off) the menu. Nice.
Happy hour - See above
Food: Small plates are great - mussels, calamari, lamb burger and more - all good and all around $10 to $15
Drink: Reasonable wine list but nothing to get excited about
Service: Fine
Diners: Post work, slightly younger than average Seattle, noisy, stylish

It's fun - go.

Barolo Ristorante (Metropolitan Tower) on Urbanspoon

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