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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Is Tom Douglas Getting Greedy? Cuoco Restaurant Review

New Tom Douglas restaurant Cuoco is now open at 310 Terry Avenue North in South Lake Union.
The opening co-incided with the opening of Amazon's latest office on the campus there and I went along to check it out.

***UPDATE*** (4/8/11)
I actually bumped into the man himself, Tom Douglas, right outside Cuoco today.  I told him how disappointed I had been with my measly four raviolis for $22.  He apologized and said he was aware that on the opening day the portion control was all wrong.  He said he has since corrected this and now you get twelve raviolis for $22.

Location: Could be mistaken for an Amazon canteen, what with it being right there in Amazon land.
Atmosphere: Actually very nice - roomy, dark but not too dark, trendy, buzzy.
Service: Nervous, smiley, attentive. Waiter knew the menu and admitted to being up half the night learning it for the opening day.
Food: Appetizers, pasta.  Pasta offered as 'small dish' and 'large dish'.  I had the Artichoke Ravioli, which was tasty but over- oiled.
Price: Heart attack for what you get.  My Ravioli was $22 for four small pieces and what looked like wood shavings on top. Here's an extract - Waiter arrives with our main courses ludicrously small baby portions that wouldn't satisfy my three year old. He presents my Ravioli and my colleague's Lasagna on the table with a flourish.  Me: "Ermmm, excuse me but I ordered the large dish size not the small dish size."  Waiter: "Yes Sir I know, this is the full size." Me: Choking on my tap water, "That's ludicrous, four pieces of Ravioli for $22?"  Waiter: "Well Sir, it is very rich."  Me: "The only thing rich here is Tom Douglas."

Nuff said, until they sort out the portion control and bring the prices down, I won't be coming back.

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