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Friday, 8 April 2011

Lecoscho Restaurant Review

Location: Half way down Harbor Steps, between 1st and Western
Atmosphere: Noisy.  You have to shout across the table to be heard.  Maybe I'm just getting old.
Service: Efficient, knowledgeable, slightly sarcastic.
Food:  For a Brit like me, homely.  Good range of appetizers and simple but tasty main courses.  The special was Alaskan Salmon, simply grilled.  I had the roasted half chicken.  No need for sides.
Drink: Slightly over-priced wine list but not ridiculous
Diners: Pre-symphony crowd (it's close to Benaroya Hall), after work drinkers (good long bar).
Price: Mid 20's for an entree.  Good value considering quality and portion size.


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