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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Saltys for Brunch at Alki

I like to go here a few times a year for a blowout crab and prawn fest. You really should try it if you haven't already. They do weekend brunch but go on a Saturday not a Sunday, when it feels like rush hour on the London tube and equally difficult to fight your way to the place in the buffet.

Location: Unbeatable, amazing view back to downtown Seattle, on the water, over the West Seattle bridge and hang a left.
Entrance: Valet parking but really not needed; steps up to entrance and a few dodgy looking metal crabs hanging around called Art.
More on the Entrance: Once inside, stay calm. There will probably be a line of people waiting to be seated, screaming kids running all over the place and general chaos. It gets better.
Tables: All have a water view but you should ask for one anyone. Some are front row and some are cheap seats.
Service: Likely to be over-bearing and over-sweet. They have a living to make but come on, it's often too much to handle here. But persevere and smile sweetly back. On the plus side, they do look after you very well.
Food: Weekend brunch, all you can eat for a fixed price of about $40. There is a lot to eat so arrive hungry.
Price: See above
Seafood: This is why you come. Sure you can have the good American brunch items by the bucket load, but when you check out the mountain of cooked prawns and crab legs, you will probably decide to get messy and go large.
Utensils: Yes, provided. They'll even give you a demo on how to get the meat out of the claw.
Family friendliness: Very high. It's a great place to bring the family.

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