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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Book Bindery in Queen Anne

One of the best Seattle restaurants I have been to so far. A solid number, not pretentious, yet serving grade a quality food at a reasonable price.

Location: Nickerson St, near Queen Anne, but tucked away in a corner. Unassuming. Decent sized parking lot.

Entrance: Welcoming, nice bar in front, restaurant to the side.

Restaurant: Overlooks the river but views are not why you come here. They don't do brunch but the room is perfect for it - open, light, unpretentious.

Diners: late 20 somethings impressing a date, but majority of fellow diners in 40's, 50's or 60's.

Service: 10/10

Food: 11/10. Tasty and beautifully presented (really really really).

Price: Not too eye watering but expect 20's and upwards for entrees.

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